Dear Friends

As I look forward to the publication of my fourth book, The Titanic Sisters, I find myself thinking back to when I took a great leap of faith and entered my life’s Second Act. At the time, it was a dream, but now ten years and four books on, it is real!  Thank you for supporting this dream of mine. And to those of you who are dreaming of your own Second Act, please take the chance.  It is never too late!



5 Replies to “Dear Friends”

  1. I wanted to introduce myself. I am Joan Moody editor of the newsletter of the Harp and Shamrock Society of Texas and Elissa O’Brien sent me on your email. You kindly are sending her a copy of the book and I will read it and do a review on it but I can’t promise that it will be in the March issue. We have one major event coming for March 17th and that is our annual solemn Alamo ceremonies in honor of the Irish-born who died there in 1836.

  2. I absolutely LOVED ‘The Titanic Sisters’ I quit reading along time ago, now this book has me wanting to read again!!
    I sure hope there is more of Nora and Delia!!!

  3. Dear Patricia,
    I enjoyed reading The Titanic Sisters! I’m so sad that I finished it. Please write a sequel!!

  4. I have just read the “Titanic Sisters” and absolutely loved it. I loved how it switched from Delia to Nora. The book has been passed around our large family! So excited to have, firstly found you as a author and to read another of your novels! Thank you – wonderful book:-)

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